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About Us

Hi There! 

We are Emily & Lexi, college friends that met where the common rue natively grows, on the shores of Lake Superior. An instant bond was developed playing college lacrosse together, go dogs! For your dream event to come true, we are your go-to ladies! Weddings are our specialty yet we would love to help you with any event. We have an eye for design, a passion for events, and the organization for coordination. Our goal is to take the pressure off of your plate so you & your family can enjoy your day stress-free. Minnesota is our home, yet we are willing to travel wherever your event may take you. We're ready to bring the vision of your dream event to life!



Hi, I’m Emily (she/her)!​

I love the four seasons we have here in Minnesota and I enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring the outdoors. My family, my friends, crafts, and travel are just a few things that occupy my free time.


My favorite part of a wedding is watching families come together over a shared love for two people. The energy in the space, the calmness of the moment, and the excitement of the new adventure to come. I got my first taste of event planning while helping create floral arrangements for weddings at my aunt's floral shop while in college. I was hooked right away by the magic of the evening and knew it was something I needed to explore further. 

My superpower is my ability to connect with others. I love sharing stories and getting to know people. I want to know what is important to you, what excites you, and what makes you smile. Helping other's dreams come true and the joy it brings them is truly unmatched. 



Hi, I am Lexi (she/her)! 

I have an obsession with my house plants and a slight addiction to Caribou. I love spending time with my dog, being in the sunshine, traveling, and listening to podcasts.

My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the joy of the couple & their families. Along with the exchange of personal vows, I find them so sweet and sentimental. I also love all things sweet, so show me the dessert table!

My superpower is my to-do list and I am a lover of organization. Timeline creation is my jam! I first started in the wedding industry by decorating weddings in high school part-time. My passion for event planning grew in college by planning corporate events and I've been planning, coordinating, and decorating weddings ever since! I enjoy making sure all the big and little details are in order for the event to fall into place. The joy of being a part of your big day is truly magical. I love getting to know you all and being able to help bring your dream day together!

"Common Rue is what ensured the wedding day was amazing! Lexi and Emily are true professionals at coordinating weddings. They are professional, thoughtful, creative, and fun to work with!"

Jennifer B.

Wedding Coordinating & Management



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